Members Resources

Below will be the steps required to gain access to our online files. These files are managed through DropBox, a free cloud based file system. The files contained within Dropbox contain personal information and access will only be given to members of the congregation here at Niceville. 

The church has a DropBox account already set up for you to enjoy. The steps to gain access are as follows...


Step 1

Contact the church office to receive the Dropbox e-mail address and password. 


Step 2 

Once you have received the e-mail address and password for Dropbox click the button below.


Step 3

When you are at the Dropbox website, you will see options to Sign-up with e-mail and Sign-up with Google, these options you are to ignore. To sign-in with you e-mail and password provided through the church office, you will need to click the link in the upper right hand corner.


Step 4

Now after you have done all of the steps above you have access to our Bulletins, Monthly Birthdays, Honor to Serve files, Barnabas List, and Sonshine Parkway teacher materials! Hope this is a useful tool for you to use, Enjoy!