Current Sermon Series and Classes

Sunday A.M. - Pure

2019 Sermon Series


Bible Classes

sept.- nov.


Sunday Morning (9 A.M.)

Mark Conner- Auditorium- "Refined by Fire- Studies in 1st & 2nd Peter”

Ken Stanley- Fellowship Hall- "Is Genesis History?”

Bob Wheeler- Young Adults (younger than 24) Education Wing- Discussion on selfishness

Greg Murry – Education Wing Room 2 - “Biblical Topics for New Christians and Those Seeking Deeper Understanding of Christian Principals” 

Wednesday Evening (7 P.M.)

Chandler Clements- Auditorium- “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

Tom Jones- Young Adults (younger than 24)- Education wing- “Bible Warfare- How to defend your faith.”

Ladies Class- Various ladies teaching from the congregation- Fellowship Hall- “Keep it Shut.”

6th-8th- Education Wing

K-5th- Meet in the cry room (Education Wing Entrance) then taken to their grade specific classes.

Pre-K- Classroom located at the top of the stairs