Current Sermon Series and Classes

Sunday A.M. - The Courageous Church
"An in depth study on what God expects of His church today in this worlds society."

Sunday P.M. -  The "One Word" Study
We are going through week by week studying a word found in the bible the follows along with the "One Word" book.
Click here for more information on the study.

2017 Sermon Series


Bible Classes

June - August


Sunday Morning (9 A.M.)

Jim Gummere - Auditorium - "An Infectious Church"

Mark Connor - Fellowship Hall - “Between the Testaments” 

Robert L'Orange - Education Wing - "Book of Deuteronomy" 

Greg Murry Education Wing Room 2 - Biblical Topics for New Christians and Those Seeking Deeper Understanding of Christian Principals” 

Wednesday Evening (7 P.M.)

Doyle Babe - Auditorium - "Daniel/Revelation for Beginners"

Bob Wheeler - Education Wing - "Contemporary Issues"

Ladies Class - Various Teachers - Fellowship Hall - "Being Doers of the Word, and not Hearers Only (James 1:22)"


Teens- Education Wing (First Door on the left)

K-5th- Meet in the cry room (Education Wing Entrance) then taken to their grade specific classes.

Pre-K- Education Wing (Last room on the Left)