Niceville Youth Ministry

The Niceville Youth Ministry is a family of youth of all ages, who work together for the glory of God, to work towards helping each see Christ, and strive for a strong friendship each other. Our youth come from many different backgrounds and homes, yet all of those factors are left at the door when they come together as friends. Maybe your child would like to spend time with this amazing group of youth and can find their place in God's Kingdom.


God, Family, Friends

Throughout the year, the youth will pack their suitcases, load into our vans, and we head out to various places for youth camps, rallies, and trips. The purpose of all these trips throughout the year is to show our youth that they are not alone in this world in their walk with Christ. With each trip we take they see 100-2000 other youth who are taking time out of their schedules to learn more about God.